SAAN as the morning, claiming light

Every place has a sound. It’s through sound that we come to know where we are. When you are online, as you are now, are you connected with where you are?

Much of the internet is designed to harvest our attention and sell it to the highest bidder. Social media makes us scroll meaninglessly and endlessly in a disorientating whirl. There is so much information passing through our minds that it all becomes white noise.

Most of us now consume most of our music online. Gone are the days of putting on a vinyl record, and watching the needle move across the wax from track to track until the album is done. Each track was connected to the album’s story, the album’s experience. Now, playlists mix Chopin with Kayne, chop from traditional music to Techno.

How can an album of long-form, slow-evolving improvisations survive in this white noise?

as the morning, claiming light is the first example of app-art that we know of. It’s a digital sanctuary for listening, separate from the white noise of the internet. You download the album direct to your phone as an iOS app. Our phones are so intimately connected to us now, so we offer a digital sanctuary where you can feel slower.

The app features evolving musical improvisations paired with stunning video. No notifications, no playlists, no posts. A full album from start to finish: a digital sanctuary.

The app is now available through the iOS AppStore. And it’s free. Our offering to you.

For those without an iPhone, watch this space for the album release.


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